Confirmation Sacramental Preparation

Welcome to our Confirmation program!  We utilize a program from Dynamic Catholic called Decision Point. The program is newly developed with the intention to not only prepare students in 8th & 9th grade to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation but to teach and inspire them to respond to and cooperate with God’s grace in all the circumstances of their daily lives, long after their Confirmation has passed, while allowing parents and sponsors to engage in a process of renewal in their own faith journey. Under the guidelines of the Diocese of Palm Beach, Confirmation is a 2 year. program beginning in 8th grade. Below are all of the forms needed to register. Call the Religious Education office (562-5954) for more information. We look forward to meeting you soon!

The Sacramental Preparation for Confirmation is a two-year program beginning with students in eighth grade.  The Sacrament of Confirmation takes place typically in the spring of ninth grade.  The purpose of this preparation is to assist young men and women to come into a deeper understanding of how the Holy Spirit works in their lives, in the life of our Church, and how they can interact with the Holy Spirit to lead a life which will draw them into a closer relationship with our Lord Jesus.

Confirmation Year One


Confirmation is a celebration of an individual’s coming to a conscious awareness of the Holy Spirit in their lives and choosing to make a commitment to work with that Spirit as Roman Catholics.  It is also the celebration in the life of the community of a new influx of the Holy Spirit, of welcoming that Spirit, and of being open to how that new influx may change the community. 

Therefore, St. Helen Parish Confirmation preparation program is designed to help our young people come to a deeper understanding of how the Holy Spirit works in their lives and in the life of the church, and of how they can interact with that Spirit to lead a life that will draw them into a closer relationship with our Lord Jesus. 

Registration and Information Year One

Please complete the Confirmation Year One registration and return it to the Religious Education office along with a copy of the candidates Baptism Certificate and $50.00 fee.


We offer secure online credit card payment through Faith Direct. Please use the link below. This link is for payment only, not registration.


Confirmation Year Two

Program Prerequisites

The following are requirements for participation in the St. Helen Parish Confirmation program.

        I.            The candidate’s family must be a registered member of St. Helen Parish.

       II.            The candidate must have reached the eighth grade.

      III.            The participant is to have already received the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist.

      IV.            Each candidate is expected to be involved in regular participation in communal faith experiences as well as Sunday Mass. 

       V.            A willingness to participate in continued shared faith experiences after Confirmation.

      VI.            Possess a sound developing maturity

     VII.            Ability to articulate a genuine request to learn about the sacrament.

    VIII.            Desire to live a Christian life committed to the life and mission of the church community.

      IX.            Interest in further exploring the Catholic faith.

Confirmation, like all sacraments, is a sign of God’s grace.  It is God’s plan to share His divine life in the sacraments.  The celebration of Confirmation brings a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit, with increases and deepens Baptismal grace, and strengthens the gifts of the Spirit and bonds to the Church. 

 God has entrusted Confirmation, like all sacraments, to the Church.  In this sacrament, God is working to bring candidates closer to His Church.

Jesus said, “Come follow me. Do as I have done.”


St. Helen Parish does not believe that the youth are the future of the Church, rather they are the Church NOW.  To begin developing a closer relationship with Christ, today’s youth need to know there is a place for them in Parish Life. 

Please review our service guidelines. Our hope is by being exposed to Parish Life, the Confirmation Candidate will begin to realize that they are part of something much bigger than themselves and that they truly can make a difference in the lives of many (and, yes, they may even have fun in the process!).

Please complete the Year Two registration and return it to the Religious Education office along with a $125.00 retreat and robe fee.


Choosing a Sponsor

The Sponsor’s role is to “walk and talk” with the candidate through the process of preparation.  If the sponsor is to walk, talk, share, and help along the journey, then this person needs to be present in the candidate’s life.  It is highly desirable that the sponsor and candidate talk at least once a week, even if it is by phone. 

Sponsors are not to be chosen until the second year of the process.  During the first year of preparation, the candidate is to reflect upon his/her choice of sponsor and be prepared at the beginning of Year Two to work with the individual.

A further qualification is that the sponsor is a practicing Catholic and one who has celebrated the sacrament of Confirmation.  Also, it is recommended that the sponsor be an older person who has some experience with his/her faith and is able to have a clear perspective from which to speak. A Sponsor cannot be a parent. A Sponsor must be a registered, practicing Catholic, and has received all their Sacraments to include Confirmation. If married, a Sponsor must have been married in the Catholic Church.

As we enter Year Two of the Confirmation preparation process, the candidates will work closely with their sponsor to reflect upon the candidates understanding of the teachings of the church, the type of relationship he/she desires with God, and how best to improve that relationship.

Sessions are kept to a minimum this year. The time is designed for the candidate and sponsor to work together in discussion and preparation of the candidates’ readiness to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation. Since it is the sponsor who assumes the responsibility of presenting the candidate to the parish and the bishop, we want the sponsor to be as comfortable as possible in this recommendation. 

Contact: Paige Fies, Director of Religious Education, 772-562-5954