Purpose: Lectors assist with the proclamation of the Word of God. These ministers are called to proclaim the readings clearly and effectively to the assembly.

Qualifications: Participants in the Ministry of the Lectors should have the following qualifications:

• Is an initiated and practicing member of the Catholic Church.

• Regularly attends Mass.

• Fully embraces the words and prayers that are offered in Mass.

• Gives positive witness to the Christian life.

• Possesses full knowledge of the Order of the Mass.

• Has the capability to proclaim Sacred Scripture at Mass.

• Is willing to prepare for the readings through prayer, study, and practice.

• Has participated in a Lector training program.

Time Commitment: Serve on a lector team and be assigned to a particular Mass, be available to assist on Holy Days, or to serve as a substitute when called upon.

Contact: Steve Boehning (772) 473-4099, steve@coastalwde.com

Lector Tips: Liturgy of the Word