Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Communion at Mass

Purpose: Jesus calls us to be one with Him through the Eucharist. Through our devotion to Jesus and believing that He is fully present in the Eucharist by participating in this sacred ministry we are called to assist our priests and deacons..

Responsibilities: Serving the Eucharist at our liturgies.

Time Commitment: Serving on teams for daily and Sunday Masses. Training is provided 1-2 times each year.

Contact: Sandra Lackas at 772-532-5230, E: Slackas@bellsouth.net

Homebound, Nursing Home & Hospital

Purpose: Reaching out to parishioners with compassion, kindness and love of the Eucharist.

Responsibilities: Distribution of the Holy Eucharist to parishioners who are confined to their homes, residents of a nursing home or assisted living facility or patients in the hospital. You choose which areas to serve.

Time Commitment: As desired. Training, commissioning and background screening provided.

Contact: Cheryle Mackie at 772-643-5966, E: cheryle22@icloud.com