Altar Servers


Purpose: Train boys and girls fourth grade and older to assist the priest at Mass and other religious services.

Responsibilities: Dependability, assistance to priests at Mass, reverence in performing duties, respect for people around you.

Time Commitment: Weekend Mass approximately every third week. St. Helen students serve weekday Masses during the school year. Servers attending other schools serve weekday Masses during the summer. New server training is scheduled in the fall.


Spiritual Advisor, Fr. Frank D’Amato

Training & Schedule, Will Heady, 772-567-5129,


ALTAR SERVER VIDEO MONTAGE – Awesome video by Will Heady

September 2023:

The new uniforms for girls are here. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early and check in at the sacristy to receive instructions. 

Boys also have a change in uniform. Servers will no longer wear red. This liturgical color will be reserved for priests and deacons on the appropriate occasions such as: Pentecost, Confirmation, the Lord’s Passion, and the feast days of Martyrs. 

Both boys and girls who previously wore red, have earned the privilege of wearing a Benedictine Crucifix over their uniform to mark their achievement.

Girls who previously wore the surplice with black embroidered crosses, have earned the privilege of wearing a Miraculous Medal over their uniform to mark their achievement.

Boys who have earned the surplice with black embroidered crosses will continue to wear it.

Thank you for serving!