As the Christmas season approaches, we again have the opportunity to help those in our community who face the prospect of a bleak Christmas.  You will find a Christmas tree in the front of the church covered with colorful tags.  Each tag will include information about a specific individual:  adults, children and elderly.  We invite you to take a tag or two and provide a new gift or gifts for the tag(s) you remove.
RETURN POLICY:  Please return gifts on or before Sunday, November 29.  Gifts can be dropped off at 2045 Tallahassee Ave before and after Masses.  Helpers will be available to assist you.  Prior to November 29, please drop gifts off at the Parish Office. 
Please tape the tag securely to the top of your wrapped gift.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  If your gift includes more than one package, please label each with the tag information and also the color of the original tag.  That way we can properly sort the gifts.
Bring your gift(s) to 2045 Tallahassee Ave on November 29 before or after all Masses.  Prior to that day, please drop off your gift at the Parish Office.
We are unable to use gifts of any kind that have been used before. 
If you have any questions or concerns you may call Kathy Flynn at 717-682-9441
Have a Happy and Holy Christmas and May God Bless You!

There are a limited number of tags available at the parish office.

A MESSAGE FROM THE PARISH OFFICE: Please consider taking a tag from our Christmas Giving Tree in the front of the Church. Each year we try to help those in need with this program and this year the need is greater than usual. We need YOUR help this year.
• Parents: Have your child pick a tag and personally shop for someone their own age.
• Ministry Leaders: Choose a few tags from the tree and make it a group effort to shop for them.
• Teachers: Make it a class activity.
• Employers: Choose a few tags and make it an office project.
Please prayerfully consider how you can help those in need this Christmas season. Spread the word & Thank you!