HEART speaks to heart -St John Henry Newman

Men of St Helen, is your heart united with other Catholic Men?

We must unite our hearts with each other,
before we can become one with the Heart that is Jesus.

COR(Latin: heart) is a new ministry in our parish that unites men’s hearts through
spending casual, social time together, with Christ at the center.

We gather once a month at 5:00pm for a few hours at the Knights of Columbus hall. 
Pour yourself a drink, light a cigar if you wish, introduce yourself to other men.

Sit with us, hear His Word!
Pray, reflect, share if you like, or be silent if you prefer.

Then we eat!  Dinner!  …Because Jesus loved to recline at the table with everyone!


To RSVP or learn more: Michael Glatz · 772-538-1811 · chefmichael@coffeehouse1420.com