Vero Beach, Florida

Catholic Charities Hurricane Irma Relief

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Catholic Charities Assists with Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts
Catholic Charities Helping
Delivered (7) trailer loads of water and food to the Palm Beach County Food Bank (Pahokee distribution photos below) as well as (2) to the Treasure Coast Food Bank.

Participated at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Palm Beach County by sitting in the "Unmet Needs" chair  since the disaster struck.  In the first week, Catholic Charities participated in numerous missions that assisted 256 residents in the county.  Missions included:

1.  delivering (12) gift cards to homeless at West Boynton Shelter
2.  coordinating transportation from shelters to hotels for temporary placement for families and elderly persons
3.  providing funds for temporary placement in hotels  providing funds for stranded client to safely return home to New York
4.  distributing Publix gift cards for food
5.  delivering food and water to elderly and vulnerable families

Distribution of food where needed in collaboration with the Palm Beach County Food Bank.

Participating in short term case management to disaster victims at (7) "Caring Community Coalition for Disaster Relief" centers throughout Palm Beach County. Centers are staffed with Catholic Charities employees who volunteer to help.Services include assistance with FEMA applications. (LINK for flier)                    
Communicating with parishes within Diocese of Palm Beach to offer relief assistance.                                                                  

Opening Catholic Charities Disaster Recovery Offices to provide long term case management to those who were impacted.