Mass Etiquette

Etiquette at Mass

Small Courtesies Can Have a BIG IMPACT!

Taking a Seat – Please, consider moving toward the center of the pew.  This helps everyone to find a seat with the least amount of disruption to others.

Cell Phone – Please, turn off or silent your cell phones and /or pagers before entering the church.

Leaving During Mass - If you must leave before Mass is over, leave through the doors at the south end of the Church.  The doors that are considered in the back of the Church (Doors by Rout 60).

Parking – Be considerate to others!--Do not park in such a way that you are blocking someone else in.

Feeling Ill - If you are feeling ill and coughing or sneezing, please refrain from shaking hands.

Dressing For Mass - When we are invited to a wedding many of us wonder, “What am I going to wear?” We wouldn't think of showing up at a wedding or another formal event in our gym clothes. How many of us search for just the right outfit to wear to our annual coffee party or on a date? Compare that to how much thought we put into what we wear to Mass on Sunday. How we dress for and occasion indicates the importance that we place upon that particular celebration.  At Mass, we encountered God through the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Dressing appropriately for Mass is one way that we show respect, both for God and for our faith family. This respect is important at all Masses-no matter what time of day or night.

Attending 4 pm. Vigil Mass - Those attending the 4 p.m. vigil service please enter through the back and observe respectful silence if a wedding or funeral service is in progress. Wait until the parties have left and then move to the available seats.

The celebration of Mass is always the holy occasion and, thus should be treated in the most holy manner - in body, mind, and spirit.