Harvest Festival




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 Harvest Festival

Purpose:  Present an annual community event providing an opportunity for the entire parish and community to work together, and get to know one another, while offering wholesome entertainment.

Talents Needed:  assembling, decorating, electricians, booth and concession workers, food preparers, ticket selling, baking, crafting, delivery people, organizing, disassembling, and more.

Time Commitment:  various

When:  Before, during and after the 2017

Where:  Historic Dodgertown, just east of 43rd Ave and 26th Street in Vero Beach

2016 Harvest Festival Contacts:

Steve Boehning  (Chairman):          473-4099

John Pedersen (Co-Chairman):      

Julie Thompson  (Personnel):          480-0533

Mike Burns  (Sign Sponsors):          696-4020