St. Don Bosco Summer Camp / June 17- July 19

We need grab and go snacks & breakfast items for our Summer Camp. Can you please help us?

Boxes of chips, individually bagged

Fruit & applesauce cups

Bottles of juice &/or Juice boxes

Granola bars

Pop tarts

Kid friendly cereals

Individually wrapped cookies

Freezer pops or popsicles

PERISHIBLE items needed: Gallons of milk, sandwich bread, bags of Halo oranges, seasonal fresh fruit, yogurt, frozen treats.


BEGINNING June 10, M-F from 9-3, Items above can be dropped off at 2005 Tallahassee av. Religious Education Office.

BEGINNING June 16, EACH Sunday night, PERISHABLE items that are needed weekly, can be dropped off 5-8 p.m. to the Gym kitchen. Thank you so much!