Dear Parents,

We know how challenging it is to be a parent today. We are bombarded with messages and pressures that contradict love and logic. The media exposes children at an early age to a twisted perception of romance and sexual relationships prompting children to ask questions that we may never have thought of when we were young. It can be difficult to follow God’s perfect plan for love…and life.

Our kids—and you!—face daily challenges from the world: what to watch; what to wear; what to read; and who to hang out with. It can be overwhelming.

But…you are not alone! We’re here to help with LoveEd, a new online video series (similar format to FORMED) that will give you the confidence and tools to teach the meaning of life along with the facts of life.  Our pastor Fr. Kevin has already arranged for the video sessions to be available to all parishioners.

Join us for a LoveEd Kickoff Evening for parents of children ages 2-14 on Thursday, September 19, 7-9 PM in the Parish Center Gymnasium.  On Saturday afternoon (Sept. 21) we’ll follow up with 4 separate sessions: one for Moms and their age 9-11 daughters; one for Moms and their age 11-14 daughters; one for Dads and their age 9-11sons; one for Dads and their age 11-14 sons.

LoveEd materials are age- and gender-specific; each online Video section has an accompanying guide for reading together at home.  The accompanying guides must be purchased, but there will be funding for those who need it.

LoveEd is designed to help you have meaningful conversations with your child about love, life, sexuality and purity. LoveEd helps you empower your child with the truth as they enter the various stages of development, so that they can become the person God wants them to be, and learn to love according to His plan.

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