Begins August 9th

Our Palm Beach Diocese offers a series of studies to empower adult Catholics to more deeply experience the genius and beauty of our faith.

Why should YOU attend these classes? Because….

  • You are alarmed at how our culture is being de-Christianized
  • You weren’t aware that our culture is being de-Christianized
  • You are a faithful Catholic who wants to understand Church teachings
  • You want to grow in your love of Jesus and His bride the Church
  • You want to effectively convey the truth of our Faith to your family
  • You’re just curious.

We offer 4 classes per year.  Classes begin in August, in October, in January, and in late February.   This year we will study Christian Spirituality, Pastoral Ministry, Intro to the Bible, and Old Testament, each with a different Professor.  Each class has an assigned text and readings, along with supplemental materials supplied by the instructor.  Texts are usually $10-$20, registration is $10.  Participants pay registration and purchase textbooks at the first class meeting.  (However, no one will be excluded for lack of funds.  If you have difficulty meeting the cost, please contact the Diocesan Office at 561-775-9544.)

First class this season will be Christian Spirituality offered here at St. Helen Parish with Professor Carolyn Dean, MA.   Meetings for this class will be on 6 Monday nights from 7 to 9 PM, starting August 9th.   Please call the Parish Office at 567-5129 or email to to put your name on the list so that we can have sufficient materials for you!

Our Catholic Faith is beautiful because it’s rich and deep, and knowing this faith better satisfies our souls’ hunger for Beauty, Truth, and Goodness.  You’ll make discoveries, refine ideas, understand more deeply, and fall more in love with Jesus, He is Truth in person!   Give Him a few hours with us  on Monday evenings.  He will become more real to you, more your constant companion.  And through you, He can better reach others in your life.