Monday, November 29th / 6:30 p.m. / Parish Hall

Exciting news!  You may remember hearing about Communio – the national marriage / healthy relationship initiative founded by Fr. Matt’s brother, John Paul De Gance.  Monday November 29, from 6:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall, we will be kicking off Communio’s work with St. Helen. With John Paul and Jared Smyth from Communio’s national staff, we will be:

· Taking a look at our parish’s survey results (thank you to the 800 parishioners who completed a survey!)

· Looking at the needs of the surrounding community based on advanced data filters

· Learning more about the Communio process

· Getting an opportunity to give feedback on the future work and direction of St. Helen when it comes to ministry involving families, marriage, dating and outreach to the wider community

· Enjoying a delicious dessert buffet

Who should attend?  Anyone who desires to:

· Reach new people in the Vero Beach area

· Help lead small group formation 

· Has a passion for healthy marriages and families

· Desires to augment our singles and young adult ministry

· Learn more and engage in effective evangelization

· Take on a leadership role at St. Helen