November 2nd through December 1st

As the Christmas season approaches, we can help those in our community who face the prospect of a bleak Christmas.  Our annual project has brightened many homes and warmed many hearts in the past years, and it is with joy that we undertake it again.  On the weekend of November 2nd and 3rd, you will find a Christmas tree in the front of the Church covered with colorful tags.  Each tag will include information about a specific individual; adults, children and elderly.  We invite you to take a tag or two and provide a new gift or gifts for the tag(s) you remove.

RETURN POLICY: Please, all gifts must be returned on or before Sunday, Dec 1 for the individual to be assured of receiving their gifts by Christmas.  On Dec 1, gifts can be dropped off at 2005 Tallahassee Ave before and after Sunday Masses.  Helpers will be there to assist you.  Prior to Dec 1, we kindly ask you to drop gifts off directly to the Parish Office. Since this is a very large project, following this policy will ensure that things run smoothly. Thank you!  If you have any questions, call Kathy at (717) 682-9441.

· Please tape tag securely to the top of your wrapped gift. If your gift includes more than one package, please label each with the tag information and also the color of the original tag.  This is essential in the sorting process.

· Bring your gift to 2005 Tallahassee Ave. on Dec. 1 before or after all Masses.  Prior to Dec. 1, please drop your gift at the Parish Office.

· We are unable to use gifts of any kind that have been used.

Have a Happy and Holy Christmas and May God Bless You!