Planning Committee

This page is meant to keep our parishioners informed of ongoing projects on the St. Helen Campus.

January 6, 2020 UPDATE

This is the quarterly update on the efforts of the St. Helen Planning Committee. Any comments, questions or concerns are welcome to be directed to Fr. Nelson or Deacon Dave at the Church office.

  • Church Renovations
  • The communion railing and the ambo in the sanctuary will be modified in line with the changes to the sanctuary completed early this year. This work is scheduled to be completed in February 2020. Completion of the painting of the rest of the inside of the Church is presently on hold pending additional information on more urgent parish needs.
  • The installation of a retractable video screen is still planned but there is nothing new to report in that regard.
  • The improvements to the St. Helen pavilion are completed. Four park benches have been ordered with two to be installed around the pavilion and two along the sidewalk leading up to the pavilion. We plan to have a ceremony to bless and dedicate the improvements to the pavilion once the benches are installed.

Development of a Master Plan

The committee has proceeded with drawings for the new school building. The architect has submitted the first rendering and is presently working on a site plan, placing the school building on St. Helen property. The committee has requested and will receive a few site plan suggestions.

It is the intent of the committee to recommend that should a new school building plan proceed that it be done on the concept that St. Helen Catholic School be considered a “regional” school. This would mean that several of the area parishes would cooperate in joint administration and oversight of the school.

  • Offsite Locations
  • St. Helen Outreach: In addition to the current location for Outreach at 1031 18th Street, St. Helen will be leasing a small office in the newly renovated facility of United Against Poverty (“UP”). UP is a non-profit independent organization that has for many years provided considerable assistance for those in need in our community. St. Helen Outreach Ministry has worked in collaboration with UP for some time. UP provides support for food purchases, job employment, career skills, crisis management and other related areas. Our physical presence in their new location will provide a means of closer collaboration and cooperation. Several other community organizations will also be subleasing from UP which further broadens our involvement and support for the needy in our community. We expect our office to be up and running in mid-January. All are welcome to the UP open house planned for January 25th beginning at 9:30am at 1400 27th Street, Vero Beach.
  • St. Helen Religious Education: It is presently our plan to move this critical ministry back on the church campus with the expiration of the current off-site lease in June 2020. These plans are still being developed.

Major Maintenance Items
Our church grounds and facilities are maintained by a dedicated staff managed by Tom Sangbush. Though this area is limited by staff time and financial resources they consistently keep our campus in good repair and appearance. Of importance going forward is the roof in the Parish Center. We are in the last years of the expected life of the roof and have had to rely on the current roof guarantee to do needed repairs and maintenance on the roof. We anticipate that this roof and the attached air conditioner units on the roof to the building will need to be replaced perhaps during 2020. The estimated cost is in excess of $200,000.