Vero Beach, Florida

Weekend Mass Parking Please Read

Having Trouble Parking on the Weekend

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that we have a problem with parking for weekend masses. The arrival of our winter visitors, as welcome as they are, has even made it more difficult to find that parking space. Yes, it is, has been, and will continue to be a problem for a parish the size of St. Helen.

However, there are a few things that we could do to alleviate some of the frustration of parking on the grounds:

1) Park between the lines in the parking lot. Straddling the lines only gives less space for others.

2) The striped areas at the handicapped spaces are NOT parking spots. They are for the vans and wheelchairs of the handicapped. 

3) The lot across the street from the church has much space that goes wasted each weekend. We can park three and four rows of vehicles at each mass in the field, where we now only park two rows. 
Do NOT block the ends of lines in the field, negating other cars from going behind you and starting new lines; Park straight and in a neat line. Be patient and considerate when leaving the field. 

4) Parking in the middle of the paved lot (north – south direction) is not recommended and discouraged. It is an accident waiting to happen. Vehicles pulling into the parking lot may hit you, cars backing out from the previous Mass could back into you, as well as it blocks the way for emergency vehicles if they are needed, and you would be at fault since these are NOT designated parking areas.

Yes, we all want the spot nearest the door in sunshine and rain, but we can’t have it. Let’s be a little more thoughtful, patient, considerate, but most of all Christian about coming and leaving. What better time than now to give it a try?