Deacon Dave's Planning Committee Update October 2018

Since the last Planning Study Update in June we have begun the Centennial Year Celebration. Already we have had an overflowing pot luck dinner, a great night of old Catholic bingo, and an informative teaching and reflection on the life and accomplishments of St. Helen. I encourage all parishioners and guests to attend as many as possible of these unique celebrations planned for this 100th year of our good parish. The Planning Committee, formed to address the building and property needs of our parish, has also had notable progress:

  1. Relocating the Outreach Ministry from the Christian Living Center (“CLC”)

In order to provide access to the CLC for the school students it has been the plan to relocate our Outreach Ministry on a temporary basis until a better facility is made available, most likely on the western side of the St. Helen campus. As of this writing we are in the final stages of negotiating a lease for two store-front units at 1031 18th Street. Relocating will have certain less than ideal aspects associated with being off campus; however, there are several positive aspects:

  • Those we serve will now wait in an air conditioned area rather than the open-air CLC courtyard.
  • Loading and unloading supplies at the facility will be much easier.
  • Total space is increasing by about 30% and the layout of the space is tailored to our design, more efficient than the current layout at the CLC. Additional office space should allow us to meet with two clients at a time rather than just one.
  • This offsite location offers St. Helen the opportunity to let others know of our ministry and to further our mission of evangelization at a separate location.

Though there are still details to be addressed, the plan is to move Outreach towards the end of September. The Committee also would like to express their appreciation to the staff and the volunteers of the Outreach Ministry for their understanding of the need, the advantages, and the disadvantages of the move.

  1. Relocating the Religious Education Office

The Religious Education Office has been relocated to 1201 19th Place Suite B-302. This office building is on Route #60 about a mile from St. Helen.  The office space with conference room is working well and our Religious Education staff is well under way with fall programs. If you need to register or have questions regarding CCD-parents’ or children’s session, RCIA, nursery, Confirmation classes or just want to visit the new location, please stop by. The office is open from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  1. Development of a Master Plan

The Planning Committee has received from the planner hired to assist with the Master Plan an initial proposed  building with estimated cost to accommodate large meetings, office space, Outreach and other meeting space. The initial presentation is too preliminary to focus on at this time, especially as there are still plans that our school is developing. The Committee is hopeful to have the Master Plan in place by early 2019. 

Plans for renovation to the Church sanctuary and the possible construction of a covered walkway and small pavilion on the west side of the Church are still being considered.

Should anyone have comments or questions, or be in need of further clarification, please contact me at the Church office. 

Deacon Dave