Deacon Dave's Planning Committee Update January 2019

This is the quarterly update on the efforts of the St. Helen Planning Committee. As noted in past updates any comments, questions or concerns are welcome to be directed to Fr. Nelson or Deacon Dave at the Church office. 

Relocating the Outreach Ministry from the Christian Living Center (“CLC”)

      The Outreach Ministry has completed their relocation to 1031 18th Street Suite F & G under the terms of a two year lease. The effort of Jimmy Poletis, his regular weekly volunteers and several others was exceptional in handling the relocation. There were so many, and though it is impossible to name them all, of special note are the following:

  • Paul Kelley who single handedly supervised and handled much of the move.
  • Jim Capito who worked day and night to complete notable renovations.
  • Richard Schlitt of Schlitt Bros. Painting who responded so quickly to our need for painting.

      With little down time, this ministry is back operating at full steam. The new location has also brought our ministry to the attention of new clients offering us the ability to serve more of those in need. To all of the parishioners who continue with financial and food donations, “thanks” and please keep it coming as we are “in the season.”

Centennial Renovation

      During the last several weeks, Fr. Nelson completed his presentation to the parish on the renovation of the sanctuary area as can be seen on a pictorial board in the back of the Church and the Church office. Funded with donations and a matching grant these renovations are scheduled to begin in February and conclude for the Easter Season. Donations continue to be accepted.

       At present the plans for the construction of a covered walkway and small open pavilion on the west side of the Church are in abeyance pending the improvements inside the Church. The pavilion will provide for an outdoor gathering and information location following Masses.

Development of a Master Plan

      The Planning Committee has received from the planner a modified plan for a building of approximately 16,000 square feet.  This building would include a large meeting area for about 100+ people, office space for all of the staff, and sufficient meeting rooms to accommodate the needs of our ministries. It is the intent that this building would serve our present and future needs but also be designed as the first of three phases should expansion be necessary. A graphic depiction of the plan should be available early in 2019.

       This Committee also continues to work with the City of Vero Beach on the temporary use of certain of the houses for use related to Church zoning. Our current plans are to use two additional homes on Tallahassee and not use the homes on DeLeon.