Deacon Dave's Planning Committee Update April 2018

As a result of the survey completed by the parish last fall, the Planning Committee has continued to develop and evaluate plans for the highest and best use of the buildings and property owned by the Church.  At present the committee is working with both a short and long term plan.  The short term plan entails the consideration of moving St. Helen Outreach Ministry from the Christian Living Center (CLC) to the office located at 2005 Tallahassee Avenue.  This move will provide additional space for the Outreach Ministry and also, with a bus stop virtually at the same location, better access for those individuals and families served by the Ministry.  Additional space will also    allow us the opportunity to consider other outreach type of services.  In addition to moving Outreach we are also considering moving the Religious Education Offices from the CLC to one of the homes owned by the Church along Tallahassee Avenue.  Both of these considerations are still in the evaluation phases and it is not clear that either will be economically feasible.  The motivation for both of these relocations is to provide room in the CLC for use for our school which is in need of space.  

The committee is also considering a longer term approach which would entail the development of a campus like setting where the homes are now located.  An architect has been engaged to assist in the determination of what is needed and what might be economically feasible and acceptable with the city and building department.  We  expect to have further detail on this alternative in the coming months.

In addition to the above, we continue with the renovation to the Chapel in the CLC, thanks to the generosity of a few parishioners, and a handicap bathroom has been completed in the Parish Center.  Finally the city has vacated Tallahassee Avenue to the parish.  Signs will be posted soon indicating that it is a private road.  As it is presently used as a one way street at times for school purposes, further consideration will be given to determine how the avenue can best benefit the parish with respect to traffic flow and parking.  Ownership of the land associated with Tallahassee Avenue should also benefit the parish in the consideration of the longer term land use.

It is not possible to provide here other items being considered or all of the background on the issues above. Parishioners are welcome to inquire at the office regarding any further information.

Deacon Dave