Substance Addiction Ministry

Substance Addiction Ministry

Don’t be fooled by those who would say marijuana is harmless. Marijuana is a gateway drug to other more addictive drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Using marijuana causes many physical and psychological problems. If you or someone you know is using marijuana, please call SAM at 569-7444.


The problems of drinking and drugs are not so easily shared. Sometimes, there is a heavy burden of guilt. Some of us keep silent in the desperate hope that things will get better and no one will find out. The Substance Addiction Ministry is a confidential source of support, referral, and comfort. Let us be there for you.


Substance Addiction Ministry

Purpose: The St. Helen Substance Addiction Ministry provides education about the diseases of addiction; increases awareness of the pain in peoples’ lives; suggests places where help can be found; and offers support, acceptance, understanding and healing. 

Talents Needed: Members should be a caring person with emotional stability, experience with substance addition either through support groups or professional experience.  

Time Commitment: Monthly meetings approximately 1 hour, additional times as necessary for educational projects and response to phone calls to the ministry hot-line (Neighborhood Apostolate Office 772-569-7444).

When: Second Thursday of the month at 4:30 p.m., no meeting in July and August. Hot Line year round.

Where: North Room, Parish Center