Planned Giving


Planned giving is the opportunity to provide financial support to the parish though means other than the ongoing offertory collections. Donations can be made in line with an individual’s will, through an annuity, through Estate Planning and other means. Gifts can be designated for a specific purpose within the parish and / or on behalf of a loved one.

You can leave a legacy of love to St. Helen Parish and improve your financial security at the same time through Planned Giving. Through Planned Giving you can assure both the long-term health of the parish’s charitable and educational mission and the fulfillment of your personal financial objectives.

Plan your gift today: we each have the opportunity to give expressions of our faith through our support of St. Helen Parish and its ministries. A planned donation to the parish can assist you with your call to live as a faithful and generous steward. There are several ways to give:

¨ Gifts of Real Estate

¨ Gifts of Stocks and Bonds

¨ Charitable Lead Trust

¨ Charitable Gift Annuity

¨ Charitable Retirement Trust

¨ Retirement Assets

 It is important to consult your financial planner or attorney or seek out a competent Estate Planning Attorney to assure your beneficiary designations will work in the desired method you have chosen.