Christ Renews His Parish



 Whoever drinks the waters I shall give will never thirst.  -John 4:14

Purpose: Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP, pronounced “chirp”) is a spiritual renewal process which calls together the members of the parish – clergy and laity – in order to experience personal conversation and Christian community in the environment of our own parish.  In the context of personal rebirth and parish revitalization, it is evangelization, catechesis, spiritual formation, shared and lay ministry, as well as Christian community building.

Events/Activities the organization hosts:  CHRP is centered around retreats given by men and women of the parish FOR men and women of the parish.  The Continuation Committee plans to have a minimum of one men’s retreat and one women’s retreat each year.

Talents Needed: The only requirement to participate in a CHRP retreat is to be a registered parishioner of St. Helen Church and have a desire for personal renewal and to help renew our parish.

Time Commitment: One full weekend to attend retreat, then weekly two-hour meetings until the next retreat.

When: Retreats are determined by the Continuation Committee and will be announced in the parish bulletin well in advance of the scheduled dates.  Weekly meetings are limited to those who have attended the prior retreat. 

Where: Retreats are held on parish premises.

Contact:  Call the Parish Office 567-5129