Catholic Parenting

Catholic Parenting

Catholic Parent Sessions:

Join us each fall in the Upper Room of the Parish Center, from 8:30 a.m. - 10 am, as we explore and support Catholic Parenting & Marriage from all angles. Whether you are married, single or divorced, you will find acceptance and support here. Call 562-5954 for more information.


Catholic Culture within the Family

Creating an authentic Catholic culture in the family can be a challenge. There is no check-list of what makes a family Catholic and no official resource exists that tells you how create a Catholic home environment. Finding ways to live your faith everyday is the best way to foster a Catholic culture in your family.


Parents need a lot of support when it comes to the incredibly important job of raising teenagers. Look for parenting groups in your area. Having a community of like-minded parents with whom you can discuss the issues involved with raising teenagers can be a valuable resource.


It can be all too easy for husbands and wives to focus their attention entirely on their children. However, if spouses are not tending to their marriage the entire family suffers.

Parents need to make sure they spend time with and caring for one another, not only for the sake of their own marriage but also to model a healthy marriage relationship for their children.

  • For Your Marriage is an initiative of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops that seeks to help couples prepare for and care for their marriage. This site is a good resource for couples desiring to enrich their marriage and for parents looking for help in talking with their teen about marriage and healthy relationships. You can also sign up to receive a monthly newsletter. For Hispanic spouses, USCCB also has a Spanish language website Por Tu Matrimonio (For Your Marriage). * Watch the bulletin, as we will be starting "Beloved" a Catholic Marriage Enrichment Seminar soon at St. Helen!
  • Many families are impacted by divorce. Two web sites that you might find helpful for support and insight are Catholic Divorce Ministry and Both sites have articles and useful links. Catholic Divorce Ministry has a directory of regional events for separated and divorced Catholics. has a forum, videos, podcasts, and a free e-newsletter.